We are Collaborators

We don’t have a CEO. We have many. All internal collaborators are CEOs. Really. Some are ‘Chief Experience Officer’ or ‘Chief Engineering Officer’. We have no employees. We have collaborators because we’re all working on solving really tough problems!

We strongly believe in the Internet culture of openness, collaboration and sharing, but we also realize that some things, like sensitive or private data, needs to be protected.  Our collaborators should have control over their data and how it is shared. They should be able to determine how much or how little is shared and in what manner.

IoT is clearly an evolving space. With quickly changing business models, legislation, technologies, exploits and vulnerabilities, the sensitivities around privacy and security are high. And dynamic. .

Our commitment is to build a platform that provides users and partners intuitive tools to control how their data is shared.

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While our technology is still under development, we are taking a number of novel approaches to the Internet of Things.

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Our IoT Enabled® Acceleration Model (IoTEAM™) has been developed following years of assisting product managers in selecting the right technologies, business models and product roadmaps to make their IoT products successful.

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