IoT Enabled Products

Our IoT Enabled® Acceleration Model (IoTEAM™) has been developed following years of assisting product managers in selecting the right technologies, business models and product roadmaps to make their IoT products successful.

We understand how difficult it is to get products ready for the Internet of Things.

IoT involves all of the elements of manufacturing traditional products [design challenges, shipping, packaging, international sales, etc.] coupled with the unique attributes of connecting devices to the Internet [SSIDs, WPA keys, routing, gateways, etc.] and the complexities of data driven business models.

Our collaborators understand these challenges and have not only overcome them, but through our extensive global network of partners can help get your products to market faster.

If you’re developing a product that could benefit from IoT technologies or concepts, contact us to learn how you can accelerate your time to monetization with our IoTEAM™ approach!