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Solutions for
Prototypers and Developers

If you’re a prototyper, maker or developer and you have a concept for an IoT Enabled® product or device, we’d like to hear from you. Our collaboration model makes it easy to work with our team and speed your product to market. We love hearing about innovative ideas from the community![/vc_column_text]

Product Manufacturers


Solutions for Product Manufacturers

There’s more to IoT Enabled® products than simply installing a WiFi or Bluetooth module into an existing product.

IoT enables new business models, features and capabilities. Working as an extension of their own teams, our clients’ product managers use IoTango’s expertise and our IoT Enabled® Methodology to help them select the optimal network technologies, features and product development roadmaps. This speeds innovation so they can quickly monetize their concepts in their respective markets.

Our unique approach can also help you develop the value proposition for your product. Our experience with monetization shows that security and privacy are critical elements discerning businesses and consumers demand prior to adoption and product roll-out. Using our IoT Enabled® Methodology, product manufacturers shorten their design to revenue cycle.[/vc_column_text]

Service Providers


Solutions for Service Providers

IoT Enabled® products and services present unique challenges for service providers. Beyond the expected loads of bandwidth, storage and I/O, IoT Enabled® products differ from traditional multi-tenanted services in their requirements for latency, redundancy, manageability, and underlying network services. The autonomous nature of IoT devices also presents service providers with support issues that reflect corporate IT device management characteristics as opposed to consumer oriented device management. With our IoT Enabled® Acceleration Model (IoTEAM™) IoT Enabled® Service Providers can quickly deploy their infrastructure to help their customers quickly monetize their applications.[/vc_column_text]