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Orchestrating your IoT Enabled™ Devices to maximize business value

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more than technology

Our “Pathfinder Sales” method is designed to accelerate revenue & learning. It’s not enough to achieve mission success; we help our clients also maximize the G2 from each engagement so they can better pursue these large, complex solutions in the future. 


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The emerging ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ is dependent more on data flows and APIs than the older paradigm of devices and static data. Business decisions are subsequently driven by knowing how to best position and monetize the data pipelines in ways that deliver value through insights and better decision-making frameworks.

We are Collaborators

Our focus is on finding those mutual, compounding wins.  By collaborating, our stakeholders reframe their mindset to identify where they can speed up and where each side sees risk. This collaboration accelerates action plans and clarifies how fast each team can proceed. 

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Orchestrating your IoT Enabled™ Devices with Security, Privacy and Reliability... Built In!

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product manufacturers

IoT devices pose some unique challenges that may not get captures in the typical product specification/ design cycle. Let our experienced engineers help guide your IoT product strategy to successful market adoption.

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Service Providers

With our IoT Enabled® Acceleration Model (IoTEAM™) IoT Enabled® Service Providers can quickly deploy their infrastructure to help their customers quickly monetize their applications.

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You’ve got the makings of a device that needs to get IoT Enabled™ but you don’t have the skills or the team to help you build the back end logic, the smart phone application, etc. We can help.

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We’re working on getting you the APIs you need and a whole lot more. Please send us an email to ‘inbound’ at our domain name and we’ll put you on our advanced beta.